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Magnavox 50 1080p Led Hdtv Reviews


Magnavox 50 1080p Led Hdtv Reviews --


























































Magnavox 50 1080p Led Hdtv Reviews



I purchased at Target 1 year agoImages It wouldn't come back onI feel that the TV/cable contracts are overpriced and hardly worth it -- who can watch 103 channels and have a life? Or a job? When I do get my next set, no more co-ax cables and routers for meExample, as I cannot easily watch a hockey game live-time, I must listen to it on the radio or live stream it$500 TV that is all the sudden defective & I'm being accused of not taking care of itWhen you turn it on it flashes the Magnavox logo and then shuts offI called Magnavox directly for replacementProbably assembled in Mexico or China.Helpful?YesNoD of Las Vegas, NV on OctWe decided to buy a less expensive Magnavox 42-inch screen TV from Target 5 years ago and we have been so satisfied with its performance3, 2016Satisfaction RatingMy Magnavox 55" TV suddenly went out while I was watching itThey came out to repair it in MarchAfter six months, a black line running vertically started growing about 5" from the left side of the screen› It is mainly used for when we have guestsThe refresh rate is an important spec to consider when choosing a TV if you plan to watch fast-paced action, such as live sports or action-packed moviesI can't even get the TV to come back onI WOULD NEVER BUY ANOTHER T.VCalled Magnavox and they tried to troubleshoot


Easy to use and the sound quality is wonderfulIt serves no point having reps who can't give you answers or will try to assist you in getting a replacement when it is defiantly the fault of the companyConsumer Recommended Adrepair in N.J., and they are sending me a REFURBISHED set in 10 to 20 days.All Rights ReservedWill probably have it as long as it works because I cannot afford a new one.Helpful?YesNoLinda of Las Cruces, NM on March 2, 2017Satisfaction RatingWe bought a $2800 TV from Best Buy and it gave us nothing but problems in the 3 years we owned itCustomer service does not provide any update and only asks to wait for them to contact usIt's about two years oldHome TV Player Home Cinema Contact 27, 2016Satisfaction RatingBought 46 inch flat screen from targetHow To Appliances Computers Gaming Home Entertainment Internet Mobile Apps Phones Photography Security Smart Home Tablets Wearable Tech Forums Speed Test But this is the case with all appliances todayunder license from Philips Electronics North America CorporationWill not buy another Magnavox anything.Helpful?YesNoLola of Abbeville, MS on OctThe contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permissionIt was a gift for my husbandAs of 2/17 the TV still works, but the lines are still there

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